Firm Ground Engineering offers geotechnical design, engineering consultancy and secondment services for your civil, marine and infrastructure projects.


Firm Ground Engineering offers geotechnical and geohydrological design services on the interface of ground and water. Examples of our design services are foundation designs, erosion protection and consolidation analyses. We also design retaining walls, deep excavations, and working platforms.

Engineering Consultancy

We can provide engineering advice in all stages of your project. Examples are settlement assessments, driveability analyses and setting up testing, monitoring and verification programs. We can also assess environmental impacts from your project and construction activity. For example determining the draw down effects from a dewatering operation. Or assessing the vibrations and settlements due construction activities.


Do you want to strengthen your team with an expert in geotechnical and geohydrological engineering? Are you looking for a technical leader, with excellent communication skills and leadership experience? Then consider our secondment opportunities.