Railway Induced Vibrations

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Firm Ground Engineering supports ProRail’s programme to mitigate railway induced vibrations at the source: the IBS.

Railway induced vibrations are a potential cause of nuisance for those living close to the railway. Railway transport is set to increase in volume in the coming years. In addition to that, houses are built ever closer to the existing railway system. This will lead to an increase in railway vibrations and related nuisance, unless mitigation takes place. The IBS aims to increase the body of knowledge on railway vibrations and increase the toolbox of potential mitigating measures.

The obvious candidate for mitigating measures is the source: the trains and railway infrastructure. ProRail is organising an innovation competition. Firm Ground Engineering supports ProRail with projectmanagement and technical expertise. The innovation competition aims to trial innovative vibration mitigation solutions in the infrastructure.

If you have a bright idea, make sure to submit it here. The solutions with the highest potential will be tested in full-scale trials.

Also, see this article for more details.

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