GRLWEAP 14 – Driveability Software

Published by Ronald on

To properly model the driving of piles, wave equation analyses are essential. With GRLWEAP 14 driveability software we now have the latest tool to conduct these analyses.

The driving of deep foundation piles is a seemingly straightforward affair: put the pile into position, hit it with a hammer until it is at the desired depth, and presto!

But the proper design, construction planning and installation of piles requires a thourough understanding of pile driving. For example: how does the energy transfer into the pile? What tension and compression waves travel through the pile? Will the pile penetrate certain hard layers? Is my hammer big enough? Is my pile strong enough?

To ensure we understand enough about the pile driving process, modelling the pile driving with wave equation software is a critical step in the design and planning process.

Pile Dynamics have updated their tried-and-trusted wave equation software GRLWEAP in early 2021. The software allows us to perform sensitivity analyses on different ground profiles, assess the effect of different hammers and piles sizes, and assess the risk of pile damage.

Of course, software is only a tool. And even a powerful tool only works in the right hands. We combine the power of GRLWEAP 14 driveability software with our experience of design and construction. The goal is to assist you with your design work and construction planning and best mitigate the risks of pile driving.

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