Temporary Works

Temporary works includes the structures and activities that are required to construct the permanent works of a project. Firm Ground Engineering has extensive experience both the Netherlands and internationally in the geotechnical design of temporary works for infrastructure, marine and commercial projects.

What’s in a name? Temporary works are (usually) of a temporary nature. But despite their temporary nature, they can still be significant cost to the project. In addition to the financial cost, temporary works can have a large impact on the overall construction program.

In order to properly design temporary works, it is essential that all parties communicate regularly. This includes the temporary works designer, site engineers, project managers, and permanent works designers as well as the client’s engineer.

Temporary works should ensure a safe and healthy working environment. The concept of Safety in Design (SiD) is international best practice. Using Safety in Design principles, any design should, from an early stage, take into account the safety of construction, use and deconstruction. When the safety of the construction process is considered from the start, better outcomes are achieved and unsafe situations can be prevented. The Hierarchy of Controls is a leading tool in these considerations.

Drawing on our years of experience working for and with construction companies, Firm Ground Engineering is well-positioned to combine safe and efficient designs with constructability considerations.

Ronald Damen has worked around the globe designing geotechnical temporary works form infrastructure, marine and commercial projects. Examples are the design of retaining walls and crane platforms for Commercial Bay, the largest commercial tower in Auckland, New Zealand and leading the geotechnical temporary works team for the Hamilton Section of the Waikato Expressway. Closer to home, he has designed temporary works for multi-level underground carparks in urban centers such as Amsterdam and The Hague.

To contribute to a better understanding of temporary works, Ronald was a founding committee member of the Temporary Works Forum New Zealand and a committee member for the SIKB dewatering guidelines.

Are you faced with challenges related to temporary works? Or do you need a risk-assessment as input for a tender? Contact us.